Australian Visitor Visas

Not everyone who wants to visit Australia wishes to settle down in the country. Short term visits to Australia are very common among tourists. If you have friends or relatives in Australia and if you want to visit them, you can get Australian visitor visas. This kind of visa can be obtained if you are planning to stay in Australia for not more than three months at a stretch.


Australian visitor visas are easy to obtain compared to other types of visas as these visas provide only limited freedom in Australia. With this type of visa, you should understand what you can't do in Australia. You can't work in Australia if you have obtained visitor visa. You can take up study courses in Australia, but the duration of the course should be less than three months. Special and prior permissions must be obtained by students who wish to take up classroom environment courses that are longer than four weeks.


Holiday and business travelers looking for short term Australian visitor visas don’t have to wait too long as online application is now available. It is possible to travel without a document using Electronic Travel Authority as long as you are from a selected list of countries. The ETA visa approved is valid for a year from the date of approval. This visa supports multiple travels within a year and each time, you can't stay for more than three months.


You can apply for Australian visitor visas on your own. While applying for your visa, you should take more care to ensure that you fill out the application form properly. Necessary and relevant documents should be submitted along with the visa application. You should follow up with the Australian immigration office for the rules and regulations regarding Australian visitor visas. Rejections are hard to handle if you are all on your own while applying for Australian visas.


To make Australian visa application easy and simple, you should approach immigration agents. SynchOne is a home of immigration experts and consultants who can help you to obtain Australian visitors visas for you. Our visa services are for individuals and corporations. Whether you are a holiday traveler or business aficionado, we will process your visitor visa within a short duration. We use the online visa application method to process your visa application instantly, thus reducing your waiting period.


When you come to us, we will assign an immigration officer to work with your Australian visitor visas. You will be asked a series of questions to collect information about you and your purpose. Then, you will be asked to submit necessary documents. We will give all the information regarding our affordable fees and other details before helping you out. After completing payment, we will start reviewing your application form and documents. We will represent you with the Department Of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) in Australia with your visa application.


We will work with the immigration authorities to process your application smoothly. In cases of rejections or controversies, we will work with the authorities to get your visa to the approval stage. You can always get updates about your visa application from us at any time. With our Australian visitor visas services, you will be able to reduce waiting time and stay worry free regarding your Australian travel.